What Others Say

"This is the most ingenious retirement plan I have ever seen. Absolutely brilliant!
—Ryan S., CPA, MBA

“I have never known anyone with as much depth of understanding on business, tax, investing and personal finance matters as Heath Frantzen.  And I’ve authored many books on those exact subjects.”
—Dr. Arnold G., JD, LLM, PhD, Authorof more than 100 books and 300 articles on finance, law, business and asset protection

“He makes me want to be a better man. There are few people I’ve known who walk in the level of integrity as Heath Frantzen”
—Dr. Paul C., PhD, Sr. Pastor 

“What they do is engineer a winning success strategy for business sellers, and execute it consistently.”
—Jay H., CPA, MBA Yale University, Former Venture Capitalist

“This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! This team has the ability to run, manage, and grow any small business anywhere.”
—Erlend B., Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner

“My accountant and lawyer want to adopt them. You would have to be INSANE to do business with anyone else!”
—Jan de K., Small Business Owner

“They saved my retirement and gave me back my freedom.”
—Gail T.

“I can’t thank them enough!  The Delta team made the sale of our business happen when nothing else worked.  Dealing with them was an absolute joy!”
—Georgina C., Successful Business Seller

“They give business sellers a golden parachute.”
—Joshua J., Small Business Owner

“If you have a good business and want it to continue to grow, come see Delta. Don’t see anyone else.”
—Jesse R., Successful Business Seller

“I’ve seen every kind of deal structure imaginable, and NOTHING compares to theirs. I am truly excited for any business seller who does business with the Delta Business Services Team!”
—Terrence A., Small Business Owner & Investor

“A World-Class Team with a World-Class Company. They blow me away! They’re total rock stars!”
—Peter S., Investor and Entrepreneur

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