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The Most Necessary Conversation: Are You Ready For End of Life?
The end of life is an event that WILL happen to us all, regardless of our position in society, socio-economic status, or whether or not we plan for it.

Christopher Hill, financial advisor and author, is one of the leading experts on planning for end of life. A well-thought-out end of life plan is essential to helping your loved ones cope with the aftermath of your death.

Most of us hate thinking about the inevitable and the subject of death and dying remains the last great American taboo. In this short interview, Chris Hill will show you why you MUST change your thinking about death planning, or risk leaving your family, employees, friends, and colleagues in a stressful position.

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About Christopher Hill

Christopher HillWith over 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry, Christopher P. Hill, RFC® is a widely-recognized editor, speaker, and expert for funeral and end-of-life planning. Chris is also the Founder of two leading online resource centers, and Chris can be reached at (540) 685-4321 or

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